Our people


This is us

Our company was founded in 2007 to meet the ever-increasing demand for specialised expertise in Artificial Intelligence and its applications. Since then, we have grown at a steady pace by focusing on recruiting brilliant individuals rather than just filling up empty positions. Our expertise lies in agile software development, data analysis and service design. We create products, services, and solutions by harnessing the benefits and possibilities of data, to make your business better.


Jari Havukainen

Software Developer

Jari is always looking for great adventure, both off- and online. He feels right at home out in the wilderness and in the code jungle. Jari believes in building value through great code, usability and continuously developing his expertise.


Erkki Heino

Software Developer

Erkki enjoys writing clean and maintainable code – although he appreciates spaghetti on his plate, he avoids it in the codebase. As a craft beer enthusiast, Erkki unwinds by crafting and drinking beer as well as playing tabletop games.


Panu Horsmalahti

Software Architect

Panu is a software generalist and exemplary team player who gets things done quickly and with suberb quality. In his freetime, Panu plays games and lifts weights almost as big as his customer responsibilities.


Ilari Husu

Software Developer

Ilari is a great guy to work with, and he thoroughly enjoys helping others. He likes cooking, biking, and snowboarding, and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge - be it at work, or on the slopes.


Mari Hänninen

Administrative Assistant (Ext)

Mari is hardworking and productive both at work and in her personal life. She enjoys culture in all of its forms, and in her free time she can likely to be found either running, drawing or painting.


Antti Järvi

Software Developer

Antti believes the key to getting the best results is constantly challenging himself and others. To balance out the unpredictability of programming, he likes to brew beer and bake mud cakes.


Matias Klemola

Software Architect

Matias is a human dictionary between business requirements and code. When he’s not working to minimise translation errors, he likes to experiment in the kitchen, and play the bass in a garage band.


Kristo Kurtén

Software Architect

Kristo is business-oriented and particularly interested in cloud architecture, streaming data platforms, and data-driven business concepts. With his go-getter attitude he sets an example for the entire team.


Marko Laakso

Data Scientist, Software Architect, Partner

Marko has been building models all his life, and he still gets a kick out of taming complex problems into working solutions. As a habitual museum visitor, he loves to learn, on and off the clock.


Jemina Lehmuskoski

Service Designer

Jemina explores what is and imagines what might be. She is excited about anthropology, systems thinking and storytelling. In her spare time she enjoys arts, books and the nature.


Pekka Lehti


Pekka aspires to be an easy-to-approach boss, who is always calm and listens to what people have on their minds. Pekka believes in constant improvement and likes running uphill to switch off from work every now and then.


Petter Nikula

Product Owner

Petter is a problem solver with a keen interest in smoothly functioning processes. As a family man, he takes good care of his family and home, and enjoys hiking as well as reading sci-fi.


Kristian Ovaska

Data Scientist, Software Architect

Kristian is a proactive master of both data analytics and software development, and a fan of agility. After hours, he mostly likes to unwind by playing mobile and video games.


Ville Piispa

Software Developer

Ville is easy-going and easy to like, but he demands a lot from himself and others at work, and expects the same in return. He’s also an enthusiastic frisbee golfer with a musical inclination.


Joona Semi

Software Developer

Joona gets a kick out of finding solutions to clients’ problems, and loves the ever-changing challenges of working on different projects. His motto “Let’s crush it!” works for all issues.


Martti Sutinen

Data Scientist

Martti enjoys translating data into understandable answers to support decision making. He is curious about new domains, such as simulating robots' emotions, and bio signal based stress recognition.


Elias Toivanen

Software Developer

Elias is a scientist by training but a developer by trade. Outspoken is an adjective to best describe him. He thinks hobbits would make great programmers and tries to be one in his team: never gives up, and outwits foes when needed.