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We solve problems
with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a business's best friend. Its applications free up time from tedious tasks to the things people are great at. By using data science and service design to find the essential out of masses of information, we can deal with complex problems better than ever. Want to hear more? Ping us!


Empowering dog owners with data.
Design ⋅ Development ⋅ Data Science


Making sense of news articles with AI.
Design ⋅ Development ⋅ Data Science


Other Examples of our work:


Fight against
counterfeit products

We built a SaaS solution for Original1 to boost their fight against counterfeit goods by serialising, tracking, and identifying physical goods in their global supply chains; from production to retail.  


Treat cancer
with genetic data

Our team built analytics software as part of the Modicell team in Vienna, to efficiently process huge sets of genetic data,  such as the occurrence of specific genes in cancer cells. 

Control temporary
traffic arrangements

 Stopmap was developed to assist in managing temporary traffic arrangements and resources. It serves the needs of traffic control, road works, authorities, and residents. 

Stay informed
with smarter news

We built the new version of Ampparit, an intelligent news site that fetches, reads, and categorises news from several different sources in order to provide better personalised content for users.


Most of our projects are confidential, but we are happy to discuss specific knowledge in your field of business in as much detail as we can. We have worked with clients in, for example, retail, logistics, finance, and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, media, and communications. Our collaborators range from large global companies to start-ups and the public sector.


What we offer

We apply Artificial Intelligence to business needs in transdisciplinary teams.
Our holistic and human-centric approach helps frame our clients' challenges to problems we can solve with technology, data analysis, and design. We produce insight, strategy, and solutions that help our clients build better, smarter, and more sustainable business.


Data science

We put machines to work.
Artificial Intelligence enables us to solve ever more complex problems than we could yesterday.

Service design

We question the status quo and uncover insight to guide our work. We do real conversations, ethnography, and collaborative design.

Digital engineering

We define, design and deliver outcomes that are desirable, feasible and functional, and continue to be so in the long run.


Change starts with a Proof-of-Concept. To make sure we are doing the right things, it's a good idea to start small and learn fast.


Get to know us better.


Training and Workshops

Feeling stuck in the rapidly digitalising world? Excited by all the opportunities but lacking technical knowledge to get the most out of it? Need help with a solving a specific issue? We offer both open training sessions and tailored workshops for those in need. Get in touch, and we’ll tell you more!


We organise one-day training sessions on relevant topics related to data analysis and artificial intelligence. Here, you gain practical knowledge on how to tackle these issues in your own business. Dates and times are published on our website and Facebook page when signup opens.


We offer a workshop on data-driven business, where you will get a data maturity score evaluation of your business's current status, set goals for future, and make roadmap for how to get there. To get to know more, download our brochure via the link below.
If you're more interested in our workshops to help you define your brand and strategy, dropus a line.