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A Great Place To Work

Developing a continuously improving company to the direction of what our people want is what constitutes a "Great Place to Work" for us. It is not about fancy certificates. It is about constantly measuring and improving people's experience in our company and customer projects. ​We also believe in fun in the workplace.

Valuemotive team members looking at the new team hoodies

What we offer?

Interesting customer projects and product experiences tailored to individual professional growth motivators and career aspirations

A taste of our benefits

Choose the benefits that suit you the best. Lunch benefit paid on top of salary.

Extensive health care including comprehensive dental care.

Choose your own tools, services and devices.

Personal company credit card for own work related purchases.

Top notch working equipment

Choose whatever laptop, phone, equipment you want that boosts your own workflow. On top of that, we have cool Valuemotive swag.

Working equipment

What kind of people we are looking for?

Skilled and experienced people are our most valuable thing. We are constantly looking for value-motivated individuals to join our growing team. Roles are built based on your skills and preferences.

The recruiting process

We know that it can be hard. Therefore our process is not long with all kinds of tick-the-box and waste-your-time challenges and puzzles. 

Let's get to know each other

This is where we give a short brief of our company story and vision for the future. We also discuss candidates' past experience and lessons learned. However, the most important thing in the 1st meeting is to better understand the future professional and career motivations of the candidate. As it is these motivations we want our company to be able to serve.

Chat with our current experts within your field

If both the candidate and us have an initial shared vision after the 1st meeting, we will proceed to the second meeting. This meeting is typically more technical (in case of development roles) and even more focused on the actual skill sets and experience needed in our projects. Sometimes we discuss the specifics of a particular customer project we know the candidate to be interested in.

Receive job offer

Our candidate process doesn't require more meetings, but sometimes candidates like to visit our office in advance to talk with their future colleagues. Our process is as fast as it needs to be to meet the expectations of a candidate. 1st and 2nd meetings can be easily conducted within a week for candidates in need of faster decisions. At the same time, the process easily adapts to the speed of those candidates who might need several months to make their decision. In our recruitment process it is always about what is best for the candidate.

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