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People are the value of Valuemotive

We are a consulting company building innovative scalable businesses and digital services with the best customers in the world. Yet it is our team-driven, skilled and experienced people that are our most valuable thing.

Or put more simply, our people are our everything.​​​

(Re)defining the greatest place to work

Developing a continuously improving company to the direction of what our people want is what constitutes a "Great Place to Work" for us. It is not about fancy certificates. It is about constantly measuring and improving people's experience in our company and customer projects. ​We also believe in fun in the workplace.


What kind of people are we looking for?

We are constantly looking for value-motivated individuals to join our growing team. We appreciate the following personal characteristics:

  • You are a team-helping, customer-focused, self-directed and efficiently communicating professional with fluency in both the languages of digital development and your customer's business.  

  • You get professional delight from supporting your colleagues and improving your customer's business.

  • You have acquired several years of multifaceted software development experience from multiple customer projects or digital development organizations.

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As a software professional

  • You know how to best support the customer deciding on technology-enabled business priorities,  the team to maximize productivity and build the optimal software quality, while simultaneously improving both the communication and the development process.

  • You have acquired strong skills and several years of customer project experience from various areas of expertise: frontend, backend, UX, mobile, DevOps, cloud, and predictive data analysis.

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What are we offering?

Interesting customer projects and product experiences tailored to individual professional growth motivators and career aspirations

Each aspiring software architect and digital business professional is a unique individual with unique experiences, skills and aspirations for their professional development. Most important duty of our company and entire team is to listen, understand and provide our professionals with customer projects, technical and business experiences, and responsibilities that satisfy their professional motivation needed both in the present moment and in the direction of their currently envisioned career path.

Culture of continuous improvement, transparency and trust

While our work sometimes takes place in separate customer projects, everyone is willing to support the continuous  professional improvement and well-being of each other. "All for one and one for all". Feeling positively and optimally challenged and good in what you do, being able to express your unique self and viewpoints, being both an efficient professional and a supported team member all go hand in hand.

Team-ownership of scalable new business models as a strategy

We already have the most competitive rewarding and salary models. Yet we take the reward further than that. Consultants and freelancers work billable hours for building business systems for customers. In a winning team of customers and partners, our vision and strategy is based on co-creating business solutions, services and products that instead let hours work for our people. Strategy of team-ownership combined with systematic building of more scalable business models enables new possibilities for consultant rewarding.

Best rewarding for

consultants in Finland

We believe financial rewards should not be the only motivator one gets out of employment, even though it needs to be in order. At the same time, we don't mind having the best consultant rewards in Finland. Optimal rewarding is possible due to lightweight organizational structure, low operating costs, efficient sales processes and different revenue streams.

  • Most competitive salaries on the market with yearly bonus

  • Profits shared among all employees (exceeding baseline-%)

  • Optional salary model based on customer billing (51%)

  • Custom-made hybrid salary models

  • Fairness-based salary-model transition during employment

  • We are currently working on team-ownership of shares of parent and spin off companies

Basic and more dynamic employment benefits

  • Personal company credit card for own work related purchases

  • Extensive work health care plan (including dental care)

  • Lunch, sport and culture benefit paid on top of salary

  • Best tools, services,
    communication devices etc


  • Recruitment fee

  • We are currently working on the ability to choose your own benefits from given options


What happens when I apply?

We want our recruitment process to be both efficient yet informative for all new team member candidates. Process typically consists of a maximum of two meetings.

  • 1st Meeting: This is where we get to know each other. We give a short brief of our company story and vision for the future. We also discuss candidates' past experience and lessons learned. However, the most important thing in the 1st meeting is to better understand the future professional and career motivations of the candidate. As it is these motivations we want our company to be able to serve.

  • 2nd Meeting: If both the candidate and us have an initial shared vision after the 1st meeting, we will proceed to the second meeting. This meeting is typically more technical (in case of development roles) and even more focused on the actual skill sets and experience needed in our projects. Sometimes we discuss the specifics of a particular customer project we know the candidate to be interested in.

Our candidate process doesn't require more meetings, but sometimes candidates like to visit our office in advance to talk with their future colleagues.

We don't spend that much time discussing the administrative details of employment during the above meetings, because such pieces of info are clearly provided in a separately sent information package. Significant things like compensation are agreed at the time of convenience for the candidate.

Our process is as fast as it needs to be to meet the expectations of a candidate. 1st and 2nd meetings can be easily conducted within a week for candidates in need of faster decisions. At the same time, the process easily adapts to the speed of those candidates who might need several months to make their decision. In our recruitment process it is always about what is best for the candidate.



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