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Finding insights from customer feedback

Text analytics can be utilized to resolve customer support cases, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales via understanding customer pain points.


How text analytics can help your customer support

Faster resolution times

By categorizing support tickets or messages we can route these inquiries to correct departments and support teams.

Find improvement areas

By extracting and categorising text from surveys and feedback, you can identify pain points and areas of improvement.

Increase sales

Text analysis can identify emerging trends, patterns in customer behaviour. Therefore giving you possibility to proactively react into customer needs.

Categorize different issues in your customer feedback


Create different outcomes of the analysis

Create a job request in your existing systems

With enough data to support, we can create a job request for the service personnel.

Route the service request to correct people

Free up human support personnel to more complex or critical tasks.

Automatic answers to certain requests

Certain replies can be automated, leaving more complex tasks to human support personnel.

Do you want to get more out of your existing data?

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