Valuemotive in Brief

We are a development and data analytics expert consultancy founded in 2007. We build digital services, scalable platforms and data-guided analytics automating business processes of our customers and guide contextual decision making of their end users.

We provide our customers with a highly committed, efficiently communicating, experienced and skilled team of expert consultants. We have worked on over 250 customer projects and consulting assignments for over 100 different customers. We can scale up our consulting offering with a partner network that constitutes hundreds of consultants in Finland and abroad.


Our Vision
Consulting Business Complemented by Team-Owned New Business Development

Consulting business is our bread and butter. Consulting company business earning is based on worked billable hours. This is where the revenue comes from, whether the salaries are a fixed, billing-%-based salary or hybrid. Hourly-based salary models are easily duplicated and optimized by consulting companies with flat organization and cost structure and networked sales capabilities - like us.

Unlike companies who believe that the salary model itself should be a differentiator, we provide all imaginable rewarding models based on the preferences of an individual. This includes voluntary and fairness-based transition between models during employment.

Despite having the most competitive rewarding in Finland, we take the rewarding further. Consultant companies work billable hours for building business systems for customers. In a winning team of aligned customers and partners, our vision is to co-create business solutions that lets hours also work for our consultants.

We have a strategy for systemically co-creating, co-funding and building products and services with business-models more scalable than hour-based consulting. New business model development journey of a team-owned company enables possibilities for new forms of rewarding. We're in the process of implementing our share ownership model and in addition, already do a fair sharing of profits with all of our people.

What is most rewarding is not the destination but the development journey. That is, working in the most professionally motivating customer projects and innovating new business models as a team together with the best digital minds in Finland.