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Valuemotive team walking on the street for lunch

About Valuemotive

Your technology partner for enabling smarter business

We are a consultancy that specializes in design, development, and data analytics. We help our clients automate their business processes and make data-driven decisions by building digital services and scalable platforms.

Our expert consultants are experienced, highly committed, and efficient in communication. We consider them as ours and our clients' most valuable assets. We can also scale up our consulting services through a partner network of hundreds of consultants in Finland and abroad.

Our mission is to create innovative businesses and digital services with the best digital minds in Finland. We use a combination of design, modern software development, predictive analytics of massive data streams, and cloud architectures, to help our clients build sustainable competitive advantage. We help our customers stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the latest technologies and approaches.

Our vision is to be a customer-focused, agile consulting business that also prioritizes team-owned new business development. We believe that people are at the center of everything we do, whether it's how we own and steer the company, work with our customers, or take care for our professionals. We want to create winning partnerships with aligned customers and partners, where we co-create business solutions that benefit everyone involved. We strive to provide our consultants with professional motivation by working on exciting projects and innovating new business models as a team.


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Years in business

People of Valuemotive at their office

Our Story

Valuemotive was founded in 2007. Since the early years to the present day, one thing hasn’t changed. The efficient, customer-driven communication and teamwork of our people, combined with their high skill level, has maintained our reputation as one of the most trustworthy software development consulting companies.

Since the days the company was born, the name of the company has carried a two-fold meaning:

At Valuemotive, we believe that "value" is a dynamic concept that evolves with changing business conditions. We consider the various factors that influence the scope, costs, and timelines of projects, including technology choices and constraints. Our focus is on creating optimal solutions with the best value for our customers, especially in building complex digital systems around new business models.

We value our customers, but we believe that our people are the heart of Valuemotive. Each of our team members have their own unique personal and professional ambitions and passions, and dedication to teamwork and customer satisfaction. They are driven to improve themselves, their skills, and the world around them. We exist to provide our team members with opportunities to grow and reach their full potential.

Our Values

People of Valuemotive at their office

Our Vision

Consulting business complemented by team-owned new business development

Consulting business is our bread and butter, which means we earn our revenue by working billable hours. Our flat organization and cost structure allow us to provide one of the most competitive hourly-based salary models in Finland to our consultants. We also go beyond just competitive pay - we offer a variety of salary models based on individual preferences, with the option to transition between them during employment.

In addition to building business systems for our customers, we have a vision to co-create scalable business solutions that benefit both our consultants, and partners and let the hours also work for our consultants. This includes a team ownership model and fair profit sharing. What is most rewarding is not the destination but the development journey, working on motivating customer projects, and innovating new business models with the top talent in Finland.

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