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Our services

Whether you are looking for developing new services or need to maintain or improve existing digital products, we can help you on the journey.

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Supporting you on the digital transformation journey

Customer cases

Ampparit: Stay informed with smarter news

We built the new version of Ampparit, an intelligent news site that fetches, reads, and categorises news from several different sources in order to provide better personalised content for users.

Stopmap: Control temporary traffic arrangements

Stopmap was developed to assist in managing temporary traffic arrangements and resources. It serves the needs of traffic control, road works, authorities, and residents.

Modicell: Treat cancer with genetic data

Our team built analytics software as part of the Modicell team in Vienna, to efficiently process huge sets of genetic data, such as the occurrence of specific genes in cancer cells.

Original1: Fight against counterfeit products

We built a SaaS solution for Original1 to boost their fight against counterfeit goods by serialising, tracking, and identifying physical goods in their global supply chains; from production to retail.

How is it like working with us?

Our customers trust us within the following areas:


We care about customers' success above everything else in our work. We won't hesitate to point out and address problems when they arise.


Our highest value comes from our experienced, customer-committed, and skilled people who work with our customers. Feeling good at work, being able to express yourself and being efficient all go hand in hand in an expert organization like ours.

Continuous improvement

We want to continuously improve our ways of working as much as the digital services we are building. We don’t just talk, we make things happen and hold ourselves accountable for the results.


We apply artificial intelligence to business needs in transdisciplinary teams, run pilots on new business ideas helping to realize their value, improve ways of working and streamlining software development processes, to produce insight, strategy, and solutions that help our clients build better, smarter, and more sustainable business.


We work in close collaboration with our customers in all levels of the organization, ensuring their sustainable business advantage in the constantly changing digital world.

Holistic approach

​By using a holistic and human-centric approach and by leveraging the possibilities of modern technology, we design innovative concepts, build software, develop data architectures and data-driven solutions, to support business goals and serve your customers.

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