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Valuemotive — Your partner throughout the project

We at Valuemotive are happy to announce our newest service: Continuous Services. Throughout the years we have been a trusted partner in many different types of industries and projects. We have been involved in all stages of software development, starting from planning all the way to maintenance. Our focus, however, has been on planning and development, but now we want to shine a spotlight on maintenance. Continuous Services will bring exactly this to you, the customer. As part of this new service we are building a dedicated team focused on maintenance projects. Additionally, the knowledge of the whole Valuemotive is at your disposal when you need it.

As a part of our Continuous Services we offer:

  • Coaching for developers

  • Development of processes

  • Technical maintenance

The list above is not exhaustive, instead we aim to shape the service to fit your needs. We feel our strongest advantages are our diverse experience in the software development industry and our genuine desire to help our customers to achieve their goals.

Our involvement in your projects are entirely up to you. We can take over the maintenance entirely and bring in our experts, or we can simply just be someone that supports your team. The Continuous Service is very flexible and it is important to us that you can tailor it to your needs.

As an example of how you can tailor the service to your needs, let’s look at two very different customers and problems.

  • The first customer is a global transport company with over 1500 employees. They have a development team of their own, but do not want to use their time to ensure that their old products are up-and-running. In this case we can offer a solution to take over the agreed upon projects and ensure that these products are available to the users according to the service level agreement

  • The second customer is a startup, that lack the knowledge on how to automate their processes and need help with not only maintaining the project but also developing it. For this customer we can offer to bring on a couple of experts to help out with the development, teach the current developers and once the product is ready for production we are accountable for it.

Personally I am very excited about taking on this new challenge and expanding the service to its full potential. There are many companies that provide maintenance for software projects, but only a few that can be as flexible as we aim to be and provide as many different services as we do.

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