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Ville - 10 Years in Valuemotive

Can you tell a little about yourself? What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my personal life I like to take it easy, so my hobbies tend to be slow paced. I enjoy coding my hobby projects, watching movies and series and playing disc golf. I used to play guitar, but that’s a bit on the sideline right now.

Enjoying coffee outdoors at one of our cottage trips to Nuuksio

You have been here for a respected 10 years, congratulations! How has it been working here?

Working with Valuemotive has been a memorable journey. In the beginning there were just a couple of developer colleagues. During these years I’ve seen people come and go and with the recent growth I have more colleagues than ever (yay!).

Working at Valuemotive suits my personal needs pretty much perfectly. I can influence the projects we take, that’s very important in my opinion. Also being a consultant means changing work environments periodically, but that’s okay. Sometimes after long projects with nice people I get a bit sad about leaving them, but then on the other side I get to meet new interesting people on the next project.

In Valuemotive employees can also participate in many internal activities and improvements. For example I’m currently leading the discussion about making our employee benefits more suitable for everyone's personal needs. Taking part in these business development projects is encouraged, but not mandatory if you’re not interested in these kinds of things.

How did you originally end up working in Valuemotive? What did you do before that?

Valuemotive was my first serious job, before that I did all kinds of smaller things. Some part time and summer jobs while studying, but never anything permanent.

An old friend of mine worked at Valuemotive at that time and via that connection I got into talking with Pekka about joining the company. At this time the business was not as stable yet, so Valuemotive didn’t sign any employees without a project. We started scouting for suitable projects, I did some interviews and after some time we nailed our first customer project. The beginning had its ups and downs, sometimes we had good projects, some bad projects and also no projects. But as time passed by, things steadily improved and I think we are still on a good slope going upward. Slow and steady, that’s our way.

Cooking activities during one of our cottage trips in Nuuksio

What do you do at Valuemotive? What kind of tasks do you work with?

My best skills are related to Java backend development. I’ve been working with microservice architectures recently. Also trying to improve my skills towards cloud architectures and “big picture” kind of thinking.

Aside from “working” I also like to participate in all sorts of leisure activities: cabin trip, hiking and sleeping in the forest to mention a few. Friday afternoon weekly meetings and beers also set the mood nicely for the weekend.

What would you like to work with in the future?

Backend development is usually nice and contained, but more challenging would be to look towards cloud environments and full-stack development, also including web and mobile frontends.

Minka’s question: What brings you the most happiness in life?

My family

What would you like to ask from the next person being interviewed?

Who (person) or what (company) inspires you the most?

Anything else you would like to say?

I don’t like being in the spotlight

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