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Sales Intelligence

We help customers infuse their sales, marketing, and operations with data-driven intelligence. Our agile team of passionate data scientists, data engineers, and software developers focuses precisely on your needs, efficiently tackling challenges with data integration, data enrichment, analytics, and machine learning to make your business smarter.

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Create value out of your data

Nowadays, almost every business collects and utilizes data in their daily operations. The real question is, that not many businesses create value out of the data. We at Valuemotive help businesses to make better decisions, improve customer experiences and optimize business processes with data.

Build a data strategy and vision

Define a long-term strategy that outlines how data is stored, collected, distributed and how it can be harnessed to deliver business value.

Gain insights from data and scale your business

Extract insights from your data to create business opporturnities and predict customer demand as well as keeping your existing customers.

Accessible anywhere, all day, every day

Ensure that the valuable models will deliver business value continuously. We help you to build continuous data solutions.

Industrial scale optimization

Use statistical models to test and optimize your business processes to make it more efficient and cost effective while also indentifying new areas of development.

Create Proof of Concepts to seize opporturnities

A proof of concept can be a good idea to measure the magnitude of the opporturnity and spot low-hanging fruits. We conduct often a 3-week PoC-projects.

Data competence across organisation

To become truly data driven, you must build knowledge across your organisation. We will help you to build tangible capabilities in your organisation.

Download the whitepaper, and become more data-oriented.

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We harness your internal data and enrich it with external data, then use this amplified data asset to understand, model, and predict customer behavior – allowing your sales team to optimally target their efforts to drive desired outcomes.

While the potential of the new science of B2B sales is astonishing, many companies struggle to implement it because of problems with data quality, lack of integration across data silos, and shortage of data scientists. 

Valuemotive’s core competence is in combining expertise in analytics - especially computational linguistics and natural language programming - and software development for efficient model development and testing. We provide an efficient workflow for the customer, reducing project costs, and greater chances of success, improving chances of wider organizational adoption.

Learn more about B2B Sales Intelligence from our whitepaper!

Consultants as part of your team or independently

Whether or not you have a data science team in-house, we are happy to create a solution that will fit into your organisation.

Our experts have experience in setting up your data pipelines in a way that the solutions are not a one-time projects, but rather work continuously. To provide you a solution that supports your business 24/7.

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Example cases:

Boosting sales and increasing profits via enriching sales data

For a medium-sized client offering a digital marketplace to its B2B customers, we created a new data product for them to boost their sales by being able to numerically demonstrate the value of their marketplace to customers. We utilized a unique data set built by the client, enriched it with external data, and modeled it to generate insights into marketplace dynamics. We highlighted insights into pricing and sales cycles, which furnished our client with the evidence of the value it creates for its customers by enabling them to receive higher-than-average prices and close sales in shorter-than-average cycles. Having this evidence at their fingertips gave our client’s sales team a great tool to power their negotiations with potential customers and helped them boost sales.

Understanding customers through data

For a medium-sized client, we combined internal and external data to forecast customer lifetime value and model customer purchasing behavior. This created a deeper understanding of customer behavior, making it possible to segment customers in new ways based on their value and purchasing behavior patterns. As a result, our client could adjust their sales strategies optimally for each customer segment, targeting marketing and sales efforts to customers close to identified purchase trigger points.

Increase upselling by predicting customer needs

We helped a multinational client optimize their sales by building predictive intelligence and automation into their sales process. We helped the client predict customer needs and motives, predict deal closure probabilities, analyze customer purchasing behavior to drive customer-specific sales strategies, provide contextual pricing, and automate up-sell and cross-sell.

Transforming sales and creating data pipelines

We worked hands-on with a multinational corporation as they transformed their sales process. To create a solid basis for analytics & AI, we worked on maintaining and developing the client’s cloud infrastructure and data warehouse, cleaned and prepared data and then used our proprietary tools to enrich the client’s internal data with relevant external data.

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