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Feeling good at work, being able to express yourself and being efficient all go hand in hand in an expert organization like ours. We believe in the happiness of people and that employees are the key resource of our company. It is everyone's opportunity and privilege to care for each other.

We have a cozy office with a no-shoes policy and an office dog to make sure you remember to keep breaks and smile. At Valuemotive everyone can truly come as they are and feel safe being themselves. Everyone has the opportunity to plan and organize some fun freetime activity for the team and the company supports these activities.

We believe in low hierarchy. Everyone has the opportunity to influence their own work and the company matters. We hold Weekly Meetings to enhance our internal communication and share updates on our daily life. The goal is to share your feelings from that work week and wind down for the weekend.


Our Values


We are an open book. We share all needed information related to work, processes or objectives. We get rid of outdated and wrong information. We respect confidentiality. We share figures, assumptions, risks and outcomes. We share our ideas, work, thoughts and feelings.


We communicate everyday success and possibilities as fast as the bad news, blockers, problems and unexpected outcomes. We communicate clearly in receiver frequency. Listen. Respect. Put the cat to the table. We Communicate. Always.


We trust in the best intentions from our customers and colleagues, even when we disagree with them. We trust that the community supports everyone both in good and bad times in life. We trust that everyone can be themselves at work. We trust that no one is left alone.


We love to learn. We work to improve the code and practical task execution as much as the processes and ways of working under which the tasks are being done. We enhance the customer experience by constantly developing understanding of their business. We never stop learning.

Say hello to the Valuemotivians


Jari Havukainen

Software Developer

Jari is always looking for a great adventure, both off- and online. He feels right at home out in the wilderness and in the code jungle. Jari believes in building value through great code, usability and continuously developing his expertise.


Erkki Heino

Software Developer

Erkki enjoys writing clean and maintainable code – although he appreciates spaghetti on his plate, he avoids it in the codebase. As a craft beer enthusiast, Erkki unwinds by crafting and drinking beer as well as playing tabletop games.


Kristo Kurtén

Software Architect

Kristo is business-oriented and particularly interested in cloud architecture, streaming data platforms, and data-driven business concepts. With his go-getter attitude he sets an example for the entire team.


Matias Klemola

Software Architect

Matias is a human dictionary between business requirements and code. When he’s not working to minimize translation errors, he likes to experiment in the kitchen, and play the bass in a garage band.

Mathias Print.jpg

Mathias Hannus

Software Architect, Coach

Mathias is a software development professional with a track record of a broad range of projects and customers. He thrives when working in a team and he can speak the language of both business and developers. As a former cyclist Mathias is not afraid of being in the mix of the battle. He is also prepared to go the extra mile when needed.

Sebastian Nyberg Print (1).jpg

Sebastian Nyberg

Director, Continuous Services

Sebastian has a strong technical background, with experience in all phases of software development. Most importantly, his work is driven by a customer-first mindset, which helps him and his teams to achieve their goals on time. In his spare time he likes to either work on the house or relax with a good movie or TV series.

Tomi Kaistila Print.jpg

Tomi Kaistila

Software Developer

Tomi is a full-stack developer who has found his calling as a code monkey, working in the digital trenches, and who loves solving real life cases, striving to minimize future problems by putting in the work today. Forever curious and practical, there is a pro and a con to everything, and discovering their balance is the eternal journey of discovery.


Arttu Oksanen

Software Developer

Arttu is a customer-oriented fullstack developer who enjoys working on modern data-driven solutions and has a strong interest in event-driven architectures and cloud technologies. Outside working hours he enjoys musical activities and observing birds.


Ville Piispa

Software Architect

Ville is easy-going and easy to like, but he demands a lot from himself and others at work, and expects the same in return. He’s also an enthusiastic frisbee golfer with a musical inclination.


Perttu Salo

Data Scientist

Perttu loves distilling knowledge from data. He is passionate about turning complex into simple wherever possible. When he's not building models and software, you can find him on a snowboard, playing the guitar, or enjoying a walk in the park on a sunny day.

Esa Palosaari Print.jpg

Esa Palosaari

Data Scientist

Esa is forever curious about how patterns in data can give us valuable insights. Outside of work, he enjoys challenging himself by learning languages and mathematics, snowboarding in the backcountry, and climbing rocks.


Heidi Kokkinen

Junior Software Developer

Heidi is a software developer who is especially interested in UX/UI design and front-end development. She likes to help people solve their problems and believes that there is always a lot more to learn. Outside of work she spends her time writing, drawing and playing tabletop games.

Marko Laakso Print (1).jpg

Marko Laakso

Data Scientist, Software Architect, Partner

Marko has been building models all his life, and he still gets a kick out of taming complex problems into working solutions. As a habitual museum visitor, he loves to learn, on and off the clock.


Patrik Jansson

Software Developer, Data Scientist

Patrick is a great team player with natural fluency in solving software development and data science challenges in efficient yet elegant ways. When not in full development mode, he enjoys PC games or unsuspecting challengers getting to the wrong end of his chessboard.


Matleena Wilenius

People and Collaboration Specialist

Matleena keeps Valuemotivians happy and content with their work. The former classroom teacher feels at home as an enabler and helping the team thrive. Matleena also takes care of Valuemotive's administrative tasks. In her freetime Matleena doesn't really like going to the gym, but goes anyway. She's also one of the few people who actually enjoy assembling Ikea furniture.


Minka Heininen

Business Designer

Minka has a strong background from customer experiences. She is passionate about concept creation, design, and memorable, high-quality experiences. The human mind and behavior fascinates her; the wants, needs, expectations, and how different things influence the experience of a customer throughout the customer journey. 



People Assistant

Lulu makes sure everyone feels welcome at the office. She feels passionate about making sure co-workers remember to take breaks and participating in office meetings. Off duty Lulu loves life, passers-by, sticks and learning new tricks to show at work.


Pekka Lehti


Pekka believes in constant improvement. For Pekka, the most important thing is to listen to what our people have on their minds. Despite being a firm believer of flat business organizations, in his free time Pekka likes running (nowadays, also Zwift-cycling) steep uphill to switch off from work every now and then.


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Team pictures taken by Lari Järnefelt / Felt Fotografi