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What a blast we had yesterday –pikkujoulu edition

Our whole team of 17 got together to celebrate the year coming to an end and the approaching holiday season. We had a remote party that started with a beer tasting by our CBO Erkki Heino, followed by a really great, home delivered dinner from and then some fun and games. I guess you could say we’re a gaming company, and having a party online does provide a natural platform party games (Drawful and Among Us). Also eating together by the screen made it feel like having a really great reach to hear the discussion and talk with everyone, as in a restaurant you usually end up talking mostly with people next to you. It was kind of inspiring to see what kind of activities can also be enhanced when doing remotely! Next spring we’ll try a remote cooking evening.

Our Valuemotive team in December 2020

Putting together a pikkujoulu was easy and fun, but starting to do it took some effort to be honest. I personally have been so tired of sitting by the screen so much and not connecting with people face to face. But the overall feeling yesterday and today was that boy that really energized me and the whole team. At times I completely forgot we were remote, it more felt like just hanging out with your best work buds.

One of the highlights of the evening was to crack the christmas present riddle. We had a special Nicaragua blend coffee from our loved coffee supplier Helsingin Kahvipaahtimo and a special key to open the mystery of it all. This did take some peer coding and pi desimals, but we got there. Sort of. Meta levels mentioned.

Kuumaa koodia

We’re so grateful to celebrate the ending of the year with great company and work to be done next year too. This year more than ever it’s not a given. We also acknowledge people around us that might need some help, so as a small gesture we matched our dinner budget and donated that sum to Hurstin Apu.

From all of us at Valuemotive, have a relaxing and whatever you might feel you need kind of holiday and see you on the flip side!

PS. We had so much fun. And we do enjoy our time together otherwise too, as our fresh Great Place to Work score of 90 showed us in this December survey results. Wanna join us? We’re hiring!


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