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Friday fun at M.O.W. - A day at the best co-working space in Helsinki

Firstly, the disclaimer: this article is not a tech-orientated one, but worry not, the next one will be :)

The Mothership Of Work, coworking space like no other // Picture by Samuli Pentti

So what the heck is MOW? A cow? A bird? Maybe an airplane? The answer is none of the above. Mothership Of Work, or MOW as it is usually referred to, is a co-working space located in the heart of Helsinki. MOW Offers great facilities for an office and an even greater atmosphere for working and connecting with other people from different industries.

The company I work for, Valuemotive, has been a permanent resident at MOW since its first days. MOW for me has offered some unforgettable memories from awesome office parties to some of the best work days in memory! Now you’re probably wondering what a day at the office looks like, so let me take you for a ride and explain what happens on a regular Friday at the Mothership Of Work.

Friday morning 8 AM ☕️

It’s 8 AM, you’re tired, you haven’t gotten your morning coffee yet, and you have a sales meeting starting soon. The first thing you do is get a key-card from the reception and head for the sixth floor where our room is located, you drop your stuff off and go get a cup of coffee. Now obviously you don’t want to drink the same coffee all the time, and that’s why MOW changes their beans a couple of times a month. They even have multiple automatic coffee dispensers each with their own kinds of coffee beans so that there’s no chance of getting bored with coffee tasting the same day after day. OK great, so you now have your coffee and you head for the meeting downstairs.

9 AM

The meeting went okay but you’re still kind of tired and a bit hungry, what a bummer. You go get another cup of coffee, and while you’re at the kitchen, you take some freshly popped popcorn to offset that slowly sneaking hunger.

Yes, the popcorn is truly unlimited 😍 // Picture by Valuemotive

10 AM

Now because you actually are at work (trust me, it’s an easy thing to forget), that means that you indeed do have to do some work. You type up some code while sitting in a comfy chair and have a nice cup of coffee. As the clock nears 11, you hit up the company Slack channel for lunch suggestions. Because it’s Friday, you suggest the restaurant downstairs that offers a killer Friday burger.

11 AM

What time is it? It’s 🍔 time! You, your colleagues and some other friends from MOW enjoy a nice burger with a side of fries while discussing what you should eat for dessert. You of course decide that ice cream is the only rational choice here, so you go upstairs to the reception and get some delicious ice cream using the company-provided ice cream pass.

12 PM — 14 PM

For the next couple of hours, you feel like you need some peace and quiet to really concentrate on that one thing. You go find an empty meeting room with a comfy sofa and a good sound system to listen to those soothing tones of that one random playlist that Spotify suggested for you.

15 PM

Ah, weekend is almost here and the last meeting of the day is about to start! Our weekly meeting is a place to share what each of us has done on their customer projects and to keep up to date on what & how Valuemotive is doing as a company. Beer and snacks are naturally provided, and the atmosphere is relaxed 🍻

Picture from Valuemotive’s monthly meeting // Picture by Valuemotive

16 PM

The captain of the Mothership pings everyone on Slack and announces the beginning of the official MOW afterwork 🙌! Beer, cider and sparkling wine are again provided, and you all get together on the second floor. Some are playing Playstation, others take a match of foosball while the rest of the MOW residents discuss their weekend plans.

FACT: MOW also has the best beer in the world // Picture by Eetu Ahanen

Now that the day is officially over, some of your friends decide to go to the nearby bar for a second round. Why not join them?

Some pictures from our MOW adventures

Trying jello cubes with insects in them @ the MOW Stargate grand opening party 🎉 // Picture by Hanna Tyrvainen

Proof that we do also work at MOW 💻 // Picture by Valuemotive

✨Glitter is a must at MOW parties✨// Picture by Matias Klemola

At MOW the guest book isn’t a regular old book, it’s the whole wall! // Picture by Samuli Pentti

Me and a coworker at the 1-year birthday party for MOW // Picture by Samuli Pentti

At Valuemotive, we offer teams of designers, data scientists, and developers to solve challenges together with our customers. We support our staff’s professional development even outside office hours, and we are constantly looking for talented developers, so don’t be afraid to get in touch. ❤️


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