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Values at Valuemotive

For the past two years we’ve had Valuemotive’s Valentines special where we have had discussions on how we understand our values, how we define them. Latest discussion was around how we work with values in our customer work.

Working with values and allowing new interpretations and tying them to the ages we are currently living keeps them alive and meaningful. Trusting that once values are set is enough holds a promise of sub-cultures and division. With new people coming in, and for example Covid19 world, values need new interpretations and discussions. If we assume they are the same as they were in 2017, it will shut out new people and the potential growth brings.

We are striving to have common, shared understanding of what our values stand for, and also individual ways of taking them to heart. Our values are defined to Continuous improvement, Trust, Transparency and Speaking up.

Our values are the basis on how we work together with each other and with our customers, potential new employees and other collaborative partners. We are proud to speak up as consultants and always base our encounters on trust. They define which goals are good for us and highlight what we see as important.

Continuous improvement

We love to learn by studying, doing, sharing and helping. We look for ways to improve as a company, as teams and as individuals. It’s amindset, not a requirement. We get excited about new stuff and love to share in Slack, #fridayhacks and tech-togethers. We leave a problem in better shape than we found it. We are eager to work with technologies unfamiliar to us. We learn with retros and share new ideas to customer teams. We explain the benefits of improvements and reasoning behind our recommendations.


Trust is a default setting and a base for everything. It shows how we treat each other. We trust that we are always looking to do good by each other. We don’t have to watch over our colleagues work, as we trust everyone to deliver what is promised and promptly bring up when there’s a blocker.


We share honestly and also respect confidentiality. We are an open book and everyone’s welcome to join in on the discussion. We build security and respect by frequently sharing what we know both internally and with our customers. In a project we look for clear goals to achieve. We share information in public discussions instead of direct messages at customer project platforms, work with dailys and use demo sessions to showcase what has been done.

Speaking up

It takes courage to speak one’s mind, but that’s what it takes to learn and improve. We value opinions and honesty, so there’s no risk in taking part in the discussion. We communicate bad news bravely and salute the elephants in the room. We bring up things that can be improved and are thoughtful in how we communicate the message with the listener in mind. We are empathetic and clear in what we share. We also take notice and speak up if there are problems in work atmosphere. Some of our initiatives, that show case our values are #fridayhacks, our efforts on enjoying great beer, our Great Place to Work -journey and learning and develeopment plan.

Looking forward to have more people join the discussion by joining our team! Your future colleagues are looking forward to meeting you.


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