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Valuemotive 2022 - Glimpse in the rear view mirror

Another Valuemotive business year closer to being in the history books.

While it wasn't the first such year for me, at the start of every new one I often feel it could be. Regardless of experience there are always more interesting goals to pursue, challenges to solve or lessons to learn than corresponding "been there, done that"-feelings. Below is just a small fraction of our achievements, challenges and lessons from the past year:

In customer business you explore new opportunities while improving on what you're already good at - for your customer. It is our privilege to work with great customers. Also this year we've continued to establish ourselves as development partner for customers located not only in Finland but also in Europe.

This year we've introduced fuller lifecycle of services from initial business value identification and design to AI platform development and continuous support services.

Employer branding work and marketing have gotten totally new kind of attention, thanks to our experts in the area.

This year our internal business development team has grown in size. A challenge has been how to best maximize self-direction of team members while simultaneously getting rid of lingering single-person dependencies and info-silos blocked by single person (typically me). Tying roles and responsibilities even more with strategic objectives has helped with former. Ruthlessly giving up control with latter.

While our business is as strong as our relationships with existing customers, we've also heavily invested in new customer acquisition. This is also a positive challenge but seeing it getting solved with our ability to help continues to be one of the best feelings.

Foul winds of the market are yearly rule rather than an exception. Times are equally challenging for most of us. During those times you're even more grateful for working with the long-term familiar and trusted network of partner companies. No single player has it too difficult when everyone is helping each other out.

The yearly business results? This year we'll have record revenue. Great colleagues. Lots of interesting experiences, valuable mistakes made and lessons learned. Profit? Maybe break that record next year.

Luckily at least something stays the same every year. Passionate and skilled colleagues together with forward looking customers are always greatest company to work with.

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