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Do you know how important design is for your business?

We can help you understand how to use design to improve your customer experience, increase your profitability, bring you new sources of revenue, and make better business.

Does this sound familiar?

We know what kind of service we want to offer our customers, but have trouble understanding their pain points and needs. 

Many companies think they know what kind of service and experience they should offer to their customers, but might not truly understand their customer's needs. They might not understand what Service Design is and how it could help them with their problems.

We have a website, but we are not sure how user-friendly or visually appealing it is to our customers. 

Many companies think that having a website or application is enough, and do not know the importance of good UX and UI Design. They might not have the time, skills or resources, and don't see how investing into UX and UI brings more revenue in the long run

We already have a business strategy, but we are struggling to stand out from the competition or adapt to the changes in the market.

Many companies have a business strategy but don't know that Business Design can help them improve it. They might have trouble aligning their business goals with the capabilities and resources, their business model is becoming outdated, or they're struggling to find a way to stay relevant and competitive.

We care about our customers, but we're not sure are we providing a consistent and positive customer experience across all touchpoints.

Many companies care about their customers and want to provide the best possible experience for them. They might have not heard of Experience Design and how it can improve their customer experience and understanding, whether traditional or digital. 

We are here to help you. 

We help you understand how with design you can improve your business strategy, optimize your business operations, enhance your customer satisfaction, increase your website traffic, and impact your sales.

Whether or not you have a design team in-house, we are happy to create a solution that will fit into your organisation. Our experts have experience and can help you setting up design strategies, designing new business concepts, building user interfaces, creating unique service experiences, and creating working products and services.

Let's unlock your potential with Design

Build a design strategy and vision

Design strategy coaching to implement design thinking into your organisation's processes and help with building a product development strategy. 

Improve customer experience with data

Extract insights from your data to improve your customer experience by making better decisions by empirical findings.

Design Sprint in building new product or feature.

From an idea to tested concept in less than a week. Test and prototype a new idea or a feature in a five-day process to validate the idea.

Design Team or Design Lead as a Service?

Design training to your team? Facilitation of design and product development workshops. Or perhaps mentoring sessions to support your decision makers.

Improving existing product or service

Improve the profitability of an existing product or service with design thinking methods. We can help you to make it more appealing and usable for end users.

Usability testing to find opporturnities

Usability testing to spot barriers and to make buying easier for your clients. Research to find new business areas and develop customer satisfaction.

How we have helped our customers?

Enhancing upper education through design and gamification

We created an educational room escape concept for a Finnish university, to be built and actively used as a teaching method at the university. We used the escapED framework for creating educational escape rooms and interactive games for higher education. We delivered a concept book with target group and participant profiles, full storyline, puzzles, room design with props and prototype, game rules, instructions for the participants, game requirements including pre-game and post-game step up, and reflective questions to know was the objective of the educational aspect reached.

Transformative experience concept for tourism

We designed a transformative experience concept for a Finnish tourism industry provider, that stimulates some kind of transformation in an individual during their experience. We created a concept handbook with the product details, storyworld, transformative elements, pre-during-post experience details and a timeline, marketing with personas and transmedia storytelling, and an advert poster for the product.

Improving the brand awareness for a high-tech manufacturing company

We created a business solution that stimulates innovation and enhances the brand awareness for a Dutch hightech manufacturing company. We did research, observing and context analysis. We interviewed people at the campus to identify problem areas, identified key stakeholders and did benchmarking. We created a prototype of the concept and tested it with real users. We delivered an advisory memo with the process, insights and concept details.

Let's talk about design

We are happy to help you in making your product or service fly.

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