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Better customer experience with machine learning?

What does a typical sales ad look like? Companies or entrepreneurs do not have the time or copywriting skills to produce sales texts. Ready-made templates are used, or the text is directly copied from the product or service information? The end results are very often generic text that doesn't really touch the reader. In other words, no interest, or even attention?

What if we let artificial intelligence help in the creation of texts?

  • Let artificial intelligence produce selling text

  • Save working time

  • Gain more visibility

  • Automated social media marketing

  • Better service for customers (possibly for a fee)

  • The learning system continuously improves the text with the help of monitoring data

As the output data for the ad text can be used for example the existing previous customer cases of the company or entrepreneur. Technical product information, service descriptions, customer surveys, testimonials. Any data already available in text format.

Traditional apartment sales ad:

"A spacious family apartment available. 70 square meters, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sauna. A short walk to the services, both a daycare center and a school nearby. Welcome to see it!"

What about artificial intelligence-assisted text with humor?

"Now for sale an absolutely wonderful family home with everything you need:

The compact 70 square meters has two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a sauna. And the best thing is that it is located close to city services, so you can forget your car and travel by public transport, or walk and bike.

This apartment does not have a renovation list for miles, but the home is ready to move in right away!

And as for the sauna, there is room for the neighbors - if you would like to invite them there in the first place. The bathroom is so well soundproofed that no one can hear you singing evergreens in the shower, or cursing like a cursing hedgehog when the heat in the sauna exceeds your tolerance.

Everything you and your family need is nearby. So don't hesitate any longer, come and check out this wonderful home!"

Depending on the reader and the buying persona, which text is more likely to put on the shopping pants, that's a matter of opinion.

Here at Valuemotive, we are currently developing domestic text analytics expertise, which can be used to combine text materials with quantitative data and serve them in a form that can be understood by artificial intelligence. We are talking about the microservice that produces texts, the integration of the language model and their adaptation to different types of solution proposals and pilot projects for our customers.

There will be more about this and the topic next month, but if you are already interested in what on earth are we talking about, contact Valuemotive's Marko Laakso!

Marko Laakso

AI & Data Solutions

+358 45 135 4248


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