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So Valuemotive is the 3rd Best Place to Work! Are we there yet?

End of April 2021 Valuemotive’s team had a pleasant surprise: we heard our workplace came in third best places to work in the mini-category (10–19 employees) in Finland! We celebrated with the GPTW remote gala, had a fancy delivered dinner and relaxed evening together. I think I speak for us all when I say we are happy and proud, and also dedicated to continue on the journey of improving our workplace, as our values also highlight.

Top Great Places to Work are evaluated based on the employee satisfaction and culture survey, combined with the Culture Brief. We want to be transparent, and therefore our Culture brief is available for everyone to read.

Valuemotive is a great place to work and in fact, one of the best places in Finland in 2021.

Valuemotive has been committed to becoming a great place to work for our team and I have to say, it was a surprise to get such a high ranking the first year we participated in the GPTW survey. Even though I know people feel good about working here, it’s still a shock to be in the podium position right off the bat. Of course there are areas where we need to grow and be better, but looking at the big picture, we are doing pretty damn good.

For us the main reason for doing the GPTW survey was to get a better feel on how our team experiences the daily life and culture at Valuemotive, and also benchmark our workplace amongst other IT industry employers. We are aiming to be a top 10% employer in IT consulting in Finland. This is a bold strategic goal to have, but we don’t shy away from high bars.

Some of the areas where we scored 100% or close to that are respect, justice, equity, sense of community, and overall feeling of fairness. We have been focusing on creating learning opportunities for our experienced experts and finding the next motivating projects and growth context in the world of consulting, in addition to creating space for peer mentoring in Valueteams and formal learning opportunities as part of our training plan.

As a company, we are also growing. We are looking to hire a Sales Director in the upcoming months and this will help us broaden our customer portfolio with new, exciting customer and teamwork opportunities. We want to create more team consulting projects consisting of Valuemotive consultants combined with a customer team and other collaborators.

As a company, we are on the right track, and this success in Great Place to Work is a great landmark and guiding post for us on our journey going forward. I’d say we are not looking for the “finish line” to cross, but a path to keep on adventuring together.

Interested to join us? We’re looking for new colleagues. You can read more on us here!


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